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EMNet findERnow app is the fastest, most reliable emergency room (ER) finder on the app market today. The findERnow app will locate the closest ER with just one click by using the most comprehensive national database available. EMNet findERnow uses the iPhone’s GPS to quickly locate ERs anywhere in the U.S. If you think your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods is lost or stolen, these steps might help you find it and protect your data. Get help locating a missing device. Search for more topics. Search Support Clear Search. Apple Footer Once again, you’ll be using a computer to recover your iPhone or iPad using iTunes or Finder. The steps to enter recovery mode may vary depending on the iPhone model you currently own. If you use an iPhone 8, or newer iPhones/iPads with Face ID: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Now, quickly press and release the Volume Down button. That simple process will get your iPhone or iPod Touch to check with Apple's servers for any updates, including the update to iOS 14. ... Disclaimer - Hive Empire Pty Ltd (trading as ... Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services. Find an Apple Store and shop for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. Sign up for Today at Apple programs. Or get support at the Genius Bar. 2018's iPhone XS Max is the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever launched, with the 512GB model retailing for a hefty $2,369. ... Disclaimer - Hive Empire Pty Ltd (trading as, ABN ... Open a Finder window and connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. If you connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and your computer doesn't recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, learn what to do. Your device appears in the sidebar of the Finder window. Click the device to select it. If prompted, trust your device. * Supported on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch and on Mac computers with the Apple T2 Security Chip. Find My requires iOS 13, iPadOS, or macOS Catalina and that your device is signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID. ‎ is the first web-based app ever engineered to fit the needs of an island like Curaçao. Thanks to its custom user generated database, it allows for consumers to search for the location of any product or service available on the island. If it exists on Curaçao, will find…


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2020.09.24 02:45 simplyheinz iPhone activation failure and possible workarounds

So I have an iPhone X on iOS 13.7, and because I dropped it and something broke inside, the device can no longer connect to any cellular service, and therefore cannot be activated with Apple. The page I get after choosing WiFi in the setup says 'Unable to activate: An update is required to activate your iPhone', with a big shutdown button underneath it. I'm not really sure what my best option is.
I've tried plugging it into my laptop which is running Catalina, and in the finder it says 'Activation failed: The iPhone "iPhone" cannot be synced. The operation timed out.' so that doesn't work either.
I cannot put the phone into DFU/recovery mode, as it just restarts with nothing happening.
I cannot find anything online that pertains to this situation, I think it's a pretty rare one.
Would love to hear any and all thoughts about what I could do
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2020.09.22 12:13 kevrosas Apple TV 3rd Gen unit YouTube issue

This morning I turned on my Apple TV box and was shown a message telling me that Apple TV+ is available, which means something must have changed or updated overnight.
Now, every time I watch a YouTube video and pause it, the remote becomes completely unresponsive. My iphone with the digital remote already linked can’t find the box either.
I have to turn off from the wall and restart it.
Download Link
I’ve restored with my MacBook and it works! And actually better than ever now. It complexly restores is and I had to skip the WiFi set up using ‘back’ and choose auto updates to off before I connected.
You’ll need to plug into iTunes or finder if using Catalina on a Mac. Hold option while clicking restore and it will let you choose the file. The file is about 950mb.
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2020.09.21 23:22 ByJames604 iPhone XS recognized in Finder/Music, but "the selected device could not be found"?

I've been trying to get my iPhone set up with my new MacBook and put a ringtone on it like I did with my old phones. It's showing up in the Music program on my laptop, but with the aforementioned error. Not sure what's going on, as it's still recognized in Finder as well. I'm on iOS 14.0, laptop is on Catalina v10.15.6, using a stock Apple Lightning cable.

This is the error I get. I've got all my permissions open, devices trusted, but to no avail.
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2020.09.17 08:54 JAMESFAULKNERSS 4 Ways of Using Your iPhone as an External Drive

Carrying a portable drive or storage to do your work or access files at any time is still a dream for some people. One might struggle to finish some work or access some important data while traveling, but an external drive or portable data can sort a lot of work. But it’s not possible to carry your drive like that. This is when your iPhone swoops in to help you work efficiently. Now, you can turn your iPhone into an external drive. To do so, you can either use an app or hardware. Below we have mentioned all the details required to convert your iPhone into an external drive:
📷 Use Hardware
With the release of iOS 13, Apple improvised the iPhone and iPad to an extent where these devices can work efficiently with physical external hard drives and flash drives. You can now drag and drop the files between your drive and devices. You will need the following accessories and steps to transform your iPhone:
Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter
If you own an external hard drive and want to use it with your iPhone or iPad, then you’ll need a Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter. You’ll know the correct product type when you’ll find a female USB port to plug it in your flash drive and a male Lightning connector to link the adapter to your iPhone.
Apple’s official adapter costs $30 on an online store, but you can buy a third-party version on Amazon at a more affordable price. And remember, you check the third-party Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter carefully and ensure that you’ll be able to connect a USB mouse to your iPhone or iPad (running on iOS 13 or later). After making your purchase, go to Settings of your phone and click on Accessibility. Then, select Touch and turn on Assistive Touch. Follow this step before trying to set up the mouse. You can add it under the Devices section, later.
SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive
Instead of using an adapter, you can invest in a flash drive specifically designed to work with both iOS devices and other computers. These days, you’ll find an entire sector devoted to iPhone specific drives, and currently, SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is the best one you can get. If you choose to purchase any other drive, then make sure it comes with a Lightning connector and plugs directly into your iPhone or iPad.
The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive comes in four sizes: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It automatically backs up your photos and enables you to transfer any file from or on your phone. It is enabled with USB 3.0 and has a regular USB-A connector so that you can transfer data from the flash drive directly to and from any device using a USB port.
Use Third-Party Apps
As we mentioned earlier, some third-party apps can resolve the problem, and you wouldn’t have to invest in any equipment. The following are the apps that will convert your iPhone or iPad into an external device:
File Manager and Browser
File Manager and Browser is a free file manager and virtual USB drive for your iPhone and iPad where you can easily view images, audio, videos, PDF documents, Word documents, Excel documents, ZIP or RAR files, and more. Once the app is installed, you have two ways to get the data on your desktop, i.e., either via Wi-Fi or iTunes. To use the Wi-Fi connection, you have to go to the app’s settings and click on ‘Upload via Wi-Fi Sync’ to get an IP address. Insert this IP address on the browser’s search bar but ensure that your phone and browser are on the same network. This will enable you to transfer the files quickly.
If you want to use iTunes, then connect your iPhone to PC. If you’re using macOS Catalina or newer, open Finder and select your phone from the left. For older macOS versions or Windows PC, open iTunes and go to Apps. From the list, click on File Manager. Now you can drag-and-drop files into the documents section in the right-hand panel.
iMazing is a great desktop app platform that efficiently replaces iTunes. It is available for download on both Windows and Mac. It can be used to take backups, transfer files, iOS management, and more. It includes features for photo organization, backup creation, WhatsApp, and message archiving as well. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can choose the apps (on your phone) from which you want to transfer and save the contents. Use its file transfer feature to move files, documents, contacts, Safari data, ringtones, e-books, voice memos, and notes to your PC.
Using the methods mentioned above, you can easily convert your iPhone or iPad into a USB drive. Along with data transfer, you should also focus on managing the apps and data on your phone and PC for a healthy device.
Source-Your iPhone as an External Drive
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2020.09.16 11:29 Makusensu Sync Mac's photos library to iPhone ?

Hi folks,
So I have searched everywhere without clear answer.
Basically I have a photo library setup in Mac's Photos app. Set as system one. And a new empty iPhone.

After dealing with the "unlock iPhone" message in iPhone tab which was actually meaning "you don't have any photo in your iPhone camera roll, just take one and I will show you my UI", kudos on this one seriously Apple..

I'm facing the question, is it actually possible to sync photo from the computer to the iPhone. It is possible the opposite, manually from Photos app, but actually if I sync from Finder with Photos app set as source, it just copy nothing on the iPhone, and either copy the picture taken from the phone on the Mac...
If I set a regular folder as source, it sync correctly, but if I switch back to Photos app, it wipes the iPhone.

Am I missing something here ?
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2020.09.11 05:34 removalbot 09-11 03:34 - '10 Year Mac User dipping my Toes into Linux - and I'm loving it' (self.linux) by /u/trekkeralmi removed from /r/linux within 18-28min

TL;DR: Switched from Sierra on an ancient MacBook Pro to Mint XFCE on an equally ancient dumpster PC. With KDE and Latte Dock, I'm in bliss. [Here's my desktop.]1
I rarely update computes. My first was a Compaq PC with XP from 2003 which I ran until 2011 until I got my MacBook Pro 8,1, which is now running Sierra. It is reaching the end of its life, although expanding the ram to 16 gigs, replacing the optical drive with an HDD and the boot drive with SSD has breathed new life into its old body. Still, if you open more than 10 tabs in chrome, it becomes hot enough to fry eggs. Tabbed browsing in Finder is extremely sluggish without a dedicated GPU, and editing videos or using Gimp takes forevvvvvver because the i7 dual core processor is the true bottleneck -- so glad they welded it onto the board /s.
I recently installed Mint Linux XFCE on a Dell Vostro 230 I rescued from a hospital dumpster. After doubling the ram to 4 WHOLE GIGS and installing an SSD, I found it to be adequate as a PC to maybe give my parents, neither of whom are tech savvy. Just for fun, I installed Mint Cinnamon to see if it ran - which it of course did. Over the last month, I've been messing around in Linux and I'm starting to love it. Apple is hanging the sword of Damocles over the head of vintage Mac users, and I can't be arsed with dealing with the kafka-esque ui of windows. Mac users will probably find that KDE with Latte Dock is an equal replacement to the OS X UI, but way more configurable. It takes an afternoon of installing themes, altering title bar button placement, etc, but with enough work it will feel "like home," - at least, as long as updates don't refuckulate your settings. The only things I still can't get working are filesharing over LAN and pinyin input on the keyboard, which are easy enough to work around for normal monolingual users.
The only things I know I would miss about Mac are:
If Nautilus had a quick-look option for files, I would be in heaven. If there was anything like Preview on a linux distro, I would bend over backwards to get it working. But I still have my MacBook for class, and it fits into a nice ecosystem that I have going. Windows would only appeal to me for video games, but I have my xbox for that. Mint's Rhythmbox is everything I need from iTunes without the limitations (except fluent iPhone sync). But I've also got spotify, which works in a damn BROWSER, so what difference does it make? I'll be fine. I run Gimp instead of Photoshop on my Macbook, so nothing lost there. VLC is way more versatile than quicktime, I don't miss iMovie at all with Lightworks. I'm committed to LibreOffice, which I've had for a long while on my MacBook as a backup for opening MS office files, and I'm already learning to love it in spite of the ugliness. I mean, I've learned to love really ugly software like Office 03 and outdated Pages, what's the difference? Google Docs is fine when I need something to share over cloud that also has a pretty ui, even if the formatting options are barebones.
Learning terminal isn't easy but the more I use it the more I rely on it. Thank god for the community guides. I also love how I can customise nearly anything in the UI with enough effort, so long as some update doesn't reset it. If that happens, then I just do it over again. But at least I can choose what and when to update, and best of all, it's free and always will be. And unlike Mac, if features don't get outright removed with updates; and unlike Windows, they aren't hidden in byzantine applications trapped in a time capsule from 1998. When I build a PC for my future, and not just out of scraps, I'll definitely go to Linux first. Thanks for reading!
10 Year Mac User dipping my Toes into Linux - and I'm loving it
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Author: trekkeralmi
1: i**ur*com/gall**y*tuZQZf7
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2020.09.10 20:34 omar_chirico99 Hooray! All iPhone 12 names confirmed! • iPhone 12 - 5.4" • iPhone 12 Max - 6.1" • iPhone 12 Pro - 6.1" • iPhone 12 Pro Max - 6.7" • Concept: iPhone 2020 line • Concept designer: @lab_finder • Info: @lab_finder, @a_rumors0000 • #Leaks #Concept #WWDC20 #iPhone12 #Apple

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2020.09.10 15:51 Makegooduseof My 10(ish) days of non-professional, home iPad-only life

I dropped off my MacBook for a battery replacement, and due to parts shipping and whatnot, I was Mac-less for almost two weeks. I figured I would take that time to see what an iPad-only life would be like.
For context, I have a conventional five-day workweek, and I do not bring work home. Any computing done at home is for entertainment or personal education needs and wants.
I thought a bit about how to organize my thoughts, and in the end, decided to have sections dedicated to different categories of apps and activities. Since I leave my work at home, there is a greater focus on entertainment, which comprises of gaming and media consumption. Another common theme in my impressions will be how I have been able to consume my own offline content. I am not subscribed to anything at the moment, but I do have a standing trial offer for Apple TV+ (which I should probably activate soon).

External hardware

My oft-used accessories with my MacBook:
My iPad gear:
Compatible accessories:
HyperDrive compatibility: partial and it needs to be powered.
What works:
What doesn’t work: HDMI out. I connected the other side to a 720p Samsung TV, but there was no signal whatsoever. This might be a USB-A limitation, so no fault on the hardware.
Unknown: DisplayPort, because I don’t have a DP-capable monitor, but I’m willing to bet that it won’t work since HDMI won’t work.
Overall, as far as hardware is concerned, the iPad is great for the lowest common denominator. Anything that is not part of the “standard” - that is, the extra button or two on a midrange mouse, the software macro keys on an extended keyboard, etc. - is likely not to be recognized and will be a waste. I imagine Apple-branded devices may be the exception.

Productivity and/or studies

One of my favorite features here is how, app dependent, keyboard shortcuts pop up when you hold the Command key for a few seconds. This is quite handy when you would rather not have to remove your hands in the middle of typing something. It was also nice to see that a lot of shortcuts have remained the same on iOS apps.
But on the topic of keyboard shortcuts, I miss being able to create or modify them for each app. For example, on Evernote for Mac, Command-T triggers a new tab, but I had no use for that function, so I remapped it to strikethrough.
Keyboard observations aside and going back to the iPad, I’ve come to fully realize that an iPad Air is way too small for split screen if you use the Apple Pencil to scribble notes. Half an iPad Air’s screen is roughly equivalent to an A6 sheet, and for me personally, that isn’t big enough to scribble lecture notes down.
This will be highly dependent on the nature of whatever class you’re taking, but the roundabout that worked for me was to use my iPhone to stream the lecture material, while using my iPad to scribble away. The visual wasn’t anything “intense,” like an instructor using a blackboard - rather, it was the equivalent of a fancy PowerPoint presentation with an audio overlay, so this roundabout did not bother me that much. YMMV.

Entertainment - audio

When the iPad has not been synced with a computer running iTunes, or if there is no active subscription to Apple Music, Spotify or any other music streaming service, the iPad is a very poor jukebox out of the box. And in the case of the iPad Air, the speakers on the single side do not help matters. I imagine my experience would have been better had I opted for the iPad Pro, or waited for the (expected) Air 4th generation.
Without any third-party apps, you can use Files to individually tap on a song and listen to it until it’s over, and then you’ll need to manually tap on another song to get it playing. It probably goes without saying that there aren’t any extra features you’d usually expect from a music app like EQ, playlists, and all that. Not great for listening to most music, but good enough for podcasts or recordings of spoken material. And Files will play music in the background.
Foobar2000, VOX, VLC: Cannot access local drives from within the app, but I’ve noticed that you can force audio to play via these apps by tap-holding on at least VLC; a list of random audio and video files pop up.
NPlayer, Flacbox, Evermusic, Wave : So, these can access the external drive. The biggest thing to note here is that the music will not play straight from the hard drive; you need to import the files to the iPad’s internal storage. There’s also no way to one-tap-add folders if you decide to copy over everything.
That said, I did notice a common pattern with these four apps above. They all use the Files interface to access the drives, and this made me wonder whether it’s an iOS limitation that the developers have no way getting around.
Now...buying music from a store that isn’t iTunes is another can of worms. I came across a game soundtrack I really liked on BandCamp and bought it. The buying process was fine; it’s like buying something from Amazon. Actually consuming the music? Hahahahahaha.
This is BandCamp-specific. If you’re using Safari, the website doesn’t let you download the music directly. Instead, you have to download BandCamp’s app, make an account and stream it that way. The other alternative is to use a browser that allows you to change the user agent (once again, iCab comes to rescue here), change the user agent to something like Safari Mac or any other Mac/PC-based user agent and then get the straight download link. From there, you unzip the album, and start listening.
But here’s the kicker: you cannot add these songs into your stock music app. Unless you migrate your entire collection to one of the third-party apps listed above or an NAS, your music collection is fragmented.
This has made me seriously consider giving up the usage of iTunes on my Mac or any other future computer going forward. On the one hand, it’s great that I can make all the Smart Playlists I want with all kinds of conditions, and they are seamlessly synced with my iPhone. I haven’t jumped on the streaming subscription bandwagon because I’m happy with my collection, and there’s plenty of music that I can never remember everything. On the other hand, all that is useless when I don’t have a Mac or PC at hand. I’ve been reliant on using Smart Playlists to automatically rotate through my collection by using play counts and dates last played, but again, what good is all this without a conventional computer?

Entertainment - video

With video, things are much more like what you’d expect from a Mac or Windows system. You tap on a video file in Files, and depending on the file type, either play it directly, or open up another app. MP4 files will open directly in Files, and MKV won’t.
For MKV, I use Infuse. It supports built-in subtitles, enabling or disabling them, as well as multiple audio tracks. If I were to be nitpicky, the only extra feature I’d want is the ability to add multiple files simultaneously to a playlist...but I’m starting to notice a pattern here in conjunction with the music apps.
As for online videos, it is very disappointing that Safari does not allow users to disable Fullscreen Video API on iOS 13. In other words, you don’t get the built-in play/pause and 15-second back/forward controls anymore unless a website allows it. This indeed makes fast-forwarding and rewinding much more of a chore, and on some poorly designed webpages, those buttons are tiny. And to add insult to injury, I can’t use the arrow keys on my Combo Touch keyboard to fast-forward or rewind, either.
One of the solutions found online is to use a Shortcut to force a video to show those controls in full-screen. For me, I have a second browser (iCab), with its user agent set to iPhone, and by doing this, I get the older, more usable controls. This is pretty much my video browser. The downside of iCab is that ad blocking has to be done in-app, and I’m still working on getting all ads blocked; some still get past.
Once again, though, if you had to jump through hoops to download and listen to music, well, these hoops become rings of fire and the platforms are narrower with spikes on both sides when it comes to downloading most videos. Short of being given a straight-up .mp4 link, it’s just plain impossible to download videos, regardless of legitimacy (unless it’s from Amazon or iTunes). And good luck ripping that DVD or Blu-Ray you bought off the shelves.

Entertainment - reading

I’m sure this has been mentioned a lot already, but thanks to the versatility of orientations, the iPad is definitely the superior reading experience compared to a Mac. Sure, if you have the right monitor, you can rotate it 90 degrees and read there, but you can’t just pick up a monitor from the desk and bring it to your sofa or bed.
Chunky is a great CBCBZ-supporting app, with support for right-to-left and left-to-right reading as well as auto-double-page when reading in landscape mode. It also can access files locally, but the file has to be copied over into the app.


I’ve touched on the SN30PRO+ controller earlier above. I imagine that it will be easier to pair a DualShock 4 or XBox controller since Apple openly supports those, and the extra gaming features coming in iOS 14 will only enhance the experience further.
As for the actual games, this one is going to be the most subjective of them all, and I also imagine the least fleshed out in my post since I do not subscribe to Apple Arcade or any other game streaming service.
As most enthusiast users may know, for almost as long as iOS has publicly existed, gaming has been a source of much controversy and discussion, what with predatory micro-transactions to Fortnite/Epic. There is also the issue of whether iOS can ever be a “true” gaming platform because of the App Store economics and the prevalent notion that mobile apps are not “real” apps.
In my case, I very much doubt I will treat my iPad as my **primary** gaming machine by any stretch. I still like my Marios, Zeldas, Resident Evils and Halos, and while there are quite a number of games that started off as console or PC games on the iPad now, of which I dare say a fair number has been ported efficiently (Sega AGES, Star Wars KOTOR, Marathon trilogy, Castlevania SOTN, Final Fantasy 1-7 come to mind), I feel that overall, they aren’t exactly the gaming experiences I get from my Switch. I don’t say this purely out of merely looking at the App Store offerings; I have spent at LEAST a couple hundred dollars on premium, single-payment games or games with episodic content as IAP since the release of iOS 4, so I have at least SOME personal experience to go by.
Furthermore, retro enthusiasts will be the most hamstrung when using an iPad. Apple won’t allow emulators on the App Store, so you’ll need to go the route or re-sideload emulators from a Mac or PC every week. Or jailbreak.
Having said all that, I’m quite sure that for others with different gaming tastes, gaming on the iPad will be the smallest of issues. More than anything else, taste is truly subjective.

Life management

This is my catch-all term for things like managing personal photos, scheduling appointments, to-do lists, grocery lists, etc. Overall, I see general parity between iOS and desktops, and iOS would have the edge if portability is important.
Photos: since I pay 99 cents for more iCloud space, and I’ve backed up my photos to iCloud besides my external hard drive, photo management is pretty straightforward. I don’t have much to say here.
Appointments and errands: Shortly after dropping off my MacBook, I downloaded Agenda for making shopping lists and keeping track of appointments. I found that the combination of notes and to-do lists makes it more convenient to have dates and details in one place; it’s as if the stock Notes app had Reminder features. That said, there’s also a Mac version that I’ll give a shot at once I get my MacBook back.
Date tracker: Besides life-related milestones and anniversaries, we all have a lot of non-holiday, arbitrary dates to keep track of, such as date of purchase for tracking warranties, or the last time you cleaned out the cat litter box. I’ve always used spreadsheets for long-term things like warranties, and for more frequent things like the aforementioned kitty litter, an app called “Days Ago” on my iPhone, which seems to be unavailable for purchase anymore.
I find that after some initial setup by establishing that a column will be nothing but dates, Numbers can be surprisingly easy to use for this. When not using a physical keyboard, you can tap an empty cell, and in the pop-up keyboard, there’s a big fat button that says “today.”
Journaling: I have a grandfathered account on Day One after they went subscription-only. There doesn’t seem to be any major difference between the Mac and iOS versions.

File management

This is where I see the most glaring of issues. Files being a poor substitute for FindeExplorer is a given and plenty has been said about this, so I’ll skip it.
Firstly, there is no option of safe removal of external drives. On my Mac, when I disconnect the hard drive without a second thought, it takes a good while for it to be mounted again, and sometimes I need to go to Disk Utility to bring it back. I notice this on my iPad as well, but there isn’t an option to unmount a drive first before physically removing it from my hub.
Secondly, say goodbye to local iPad backups. It’s iCloud backup or no backup, and it ain’t no Time Machine (as Apple points out here). There’s no concept of system images like Time Machine, and if you’ve held off on app updates because the new updates take away features or make extreme changes, well, that’s out of your hands.
That might be fine just for the iPad, but what about your external drive with your documents and stuff? The only roundabout I see to this if you’re going iPad-only is to purchase a NAS and set up Backblaze or another backup service that way..and I’m not sure whether a NAS is a mainstream-friendly option yet.

Final thoughts

Using the iPad, I came to realize that what constitutes "mainstream tech" has changed. When external hard drives became regular stock at everyday retailers like Target, Wal-Mart or their equivalents in other parts of the world, and not just tech specialty shops, I thought that was the point when Macs and PCs truly became mainstream, household items.
Now, it's online and the cloud. iOS devices are closely tied with iCloud. Android devices make it easy to upload files to Google Drive. Microsoft provides one-touch access to OneDrive when you install Windows. Dropbox provides an online, platform-agnostic intangible flash drive. You don’t have to buy boxed software and CDs that often, but you go to the App Store or the developer’s store page and download the software and provided codes that way.
So the answer to Apple's question of "what is a computer?" is "the gateway to the cloud." Whether the content is yours or not, they are now in the cloud, and you use the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Watch to bring everything to your fingertips. This is Apple’s vision of a computer: a smarter terminal to the digital world.
If you’re like me and coming from years, if not a couple decades of desktop OS paradigms, there’s a big question of “how much of these so-called inconveniences are the iPad’s fault, and how much of them are because I’m inflexible and too set in my ways?” Maybe I’m just too set in my ways and not open to change...or maybe the iOS paradigm is just not right in more than one way.
As I adjusted and/or came up with workarounds, I am reminded of one of Buddhism’s tenets: desire leads to suffering. My desire to approach the iPad with OS X in mind has led to “suffering” (I use that term as an analogy; I would not say that I suffered any kind of mental anguish or anything like that during the past two weeks). Probably the most stress-free way to enjoy an iPad is to adhere to Apple’s dogma, embrace iCloud fully, do away with dongles and enjoy your services (Apple Music or Spotify, etc. for music, Apple TV or Netflix, etc. for shows, whatever).
For me personally, unless there are other OS changes in the pipeline, I feel I will always have some kind of a conventional personal computer, be it a Mac or something running Windows, in my digital life. My digital life collection is something I cannot easily give up, at least not yet.
To finish this off, if you’re one of those people who have fully ditched your older computer and transitioned to iOS-only with next to no issues, more power to you, and I mean that with absolute sincerity. You have an all-in-one device with unparalleled manufacturer support, battery life, portability and (model-dependent) wireless connectivity.
tl;dr: iOS is not optimal for managing offline, local files.
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2020.09.08 00:26 andreisava4 [question] why can’t i get the payment pop up when trying to make an in app purchase

Tweak list
FullPlay (althiometer.fullplay) v1.2.1 by althiometer via Packix AppList (applist) v1.5.16 by Ryan Petrich via BigBoss APT (apt) v1.8.2-3 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus APT (apt-key) (apt-key) v1.8.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus APT 1.4 Transitional (apt1.4) v1:0 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Base Structure (base) v1-5 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Bourne-Again SHell (bash) v5.0.3-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Berkeley DB (berkeleydb) v6.2.32-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus bzip2 (bzip2) v1.0.6-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus CA Certs (ca-certificates) v0.0.2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus ipadify (codes.rambo.ipadify) v0.0.3 by Guilherme Rambo via Packix CCTime13 (com.0xkuj.cctime13) v1.2 by 0xkuj via Local Repository CoolCC (com.4nni3.coolcc) v1:3.4 by 4nni3 via Packix Flipswitch (com.a3tweaks.flipswitch) v1.0.16 by rpetrich via BigBoss Flame (com.aditkamath.flame) v1.3 by Adit Kamath via BigBoss Linear for Status Bar (com.alphastream.linearforsb) v1.2 by Alpha_Stream via Packix AddToFolder (com.anthopak.addtofolder) v1.1-1 by AnthoPak via AnthoPak's Repo SlideToShowNotification (com.autruche.slidetoshownotification) v1.0.0 by Autruche via BigBoss BHTwitter (com.bandarhl.bhtwitter) v1.4 by BandarHelal via Packix Viola (com.bousrih.viola) v1.9.6 by bousrih via Packix Aperio (com.burritoz.aperio) v1.2.0 by burrit0z via Burrit0z Repo Dockify (com.burritoz.dockify) v1.2.2 by burrit0z via Burrit0z Repo Kai (com.burritoz.kai) v1.3.1 by burrit0z via Chariz BlockYouX (com.ceadd.blockyoux) v3.0.5 by Ceadd via Ceadd's Repo Cydia Repo Icon (com.ceadd.icon) v2.3 by ceadd via Ceadd's Repo AppStore++ (com.cokepokes.appstoreplusplus) v0.9.12 by CokePokes via Phantom Apps LLC libnotifications (com.cokepokes.libnotifications) v0.3-2 by CokePokes via Phantom Apps LLC SiriUnlock (com.cokepokes.siriunlock) v0.1-1 by CokePokes via Phantom Apps LLC Barmoji (com.cpdigitaldarkroom.barmoji) v2020.5 by CP Digital Darkroom via Packix TapTapFlip (com.cpdigitaldarkroom.taptapflip) v1.6 by CP Digital Darkroom via Packix libCSPreferences (com.creaturecoding.libcspreferences) v1.4.7 by CreatureSurvive via CreatureCoding Repo shuffle (com.creaturecoding.shuffle) v1.2.9 by CreatureSurvive via CreatureCoding Repo libCSColorPicker (com.creaturesurvive.libcscolorpicker) v1.0.3 by CreatureSurvive via CreatureCoding Repo PowerApp (com.dave1482.powerapp) v6.0 by dave1482 via Dynastic Repo QuitAll (com.daveapps.quitall) v1.0.1 by Dave van Wijk via Chariz SearchAutoFocus (com.dimitarnestorov.searchautofocus) v1.0.1 by Dimitar Nestorov via Dimitar Nestorov Volte Rounded (iOS13) (com.evynw.fontvolte13) v1.0 by Alex (@Alexman1979) via Local Repository EVELYN's Repo Icons (com.evynw.repoicons) v1.2-1 by Evelyn (ev_ynw) via Evelyn's Collection Substitute (com.ex.substitute) v0.1.15 by comex via BingneElucubratus iCleaner Pro (com.exile90.icleanerpro) v7.8.3 by Ivano Bilenchi via Ivano Bilenchi's Repo WatusiTools (com.f0u4d.watusitools) v2.1.28 by Fouad Raheb via Fouad's Repo AppData (com.fouadraheb.appdata) v1.2.3 by Fouad Raheb via Fouad's Repo Watusi 2 for WhatsApp (com.fouadraheb.watusi) v1.3.8 by Fouad Raheb via Fouad's Repo Zenumbra (com.foxfort.zenumbra) v1.0.5 by FoxfortMobile via Foxfort Repo iSponsorBlock (com.galacticdev.isponsorblock) v0.0.3 by Galactic Dev via GalacticDev CCCalc (com.gilesgc.cccalc) v1.2.1 by gilesgc via gilesgc repo AVLock (com.gilshahar7.avlock) v1.0.4 by gilshahar7 via Packix ExactTime (com.gilshahar7.exacttime) v2.0 by gilshahar7 via Packix VolumePercent (com.gilshahar7.volumepercent) v1.0 by gilshahar7 via Packix AppStore BundleID (com.h4ckua11.appstorebundleid) v1.0.3 by h4ckua11 via Packix ScreenRecording Time (com.h4ckua11.screenrecordingtime) v1.0.0 by h4ckua11 via Packix HYI Repo Icons (com.hackyouriphone.iconrepo) v8.0.4 by HackYouriPhone via HackYouriPhone libhdev (com.haoict.libhdev) v4.5.0 by Hao Nguyen via Haoict Repository Twitch No Ads (com.haoict.twitchnoads) v1.0.0 by Hao Nguyen via Haoict Repository LocationService (CCSupport) (com.ichitaso.locationservicecc) v0.1-4-1 by ichitaso via ichitaso EasyEditAlarms (com.imkpatil.easyeditalarms) v1.1.1 by P2KDev via Packix WiFi List (com.itaysoft.wifilist) v1.0.0 by Itay via iCaughtU Repo CCModules (com.jailbreak365.safeccmodules) v1.5-1 by jailbreak365 via BigBoss RealCC (com.jakeashacks.realcc) v1.0.2 by Jake James via BigBoss Artemis (com.joey-gm.artemis) v0.7.21~beta5 by Joey GM via BigBoss MImport (com.julioverne.mimport) v0.0~beta39 by julioverne via julioverne MusiLyric (com.julioverne.musilyric) v0.5~beta8b by julioverne via julioverne Spotilife (com.julioverne.spotilife) v1.3 by julioverne via julioverne YTHDUnlocker (com.julioverne.ythdunlocker) v0.0~beta1a by julioverne via julioverne Rofi (com.kef.rofi) v1.2.1 by Kef via Chariz Cowbell (com.laughingquoll.cowbell) v1.2.2 by LaughingQuoll via Packix BitLife - Life Simulator Cheats (com.laxus.bitlife) v1.40.1 by Laxus via Local Repository TFDidThatSay? (com.lint.undelete) v1.3.5 by lint via Locale Profiles in UTF-8 (com.linusyang.localeutf8) v1.0-1 by Linus Yang via Mohadu31 Xen HTML (com.matchstic.xenhtml) v2.0~beta4 by Matt Clarke via Matchstic (Xen) Sentinel (com.megadev.sentinel) v1.3.1 by MegaDev via Dynastic Repo libswift4 (com.modmyi.libswift4) v4.2.1-2 by Kabir Oberai via BigBoss ColorMeNotifs (com.mrgcgamer.colormenotifs) v1.4.2 by MrGcGamer via Packix TransLock (com.mrgcgamer.translock) v1.0.4 by MrGcGamer via Packix Amandus (com.muirey03.amandus) v1.0.1 by Muirey03 via Packix Cr4shed (com.muirey03.cr4shed) v4.1.3 by Muirey03 via Packix libMRYIPC (com.muirey03.libmryipc) v2.0 by Muirey03 via BigBoss PowerModule (com.muirey03.powermodule) v1.3.1 by Muirey03 via Packix SmallSiri (com.muirey03.smallsiri) v1.2.2 by Muirey03 via Packix CCSupport (com.opa334.ccsupport) v1.2.2 by opa334 via Haoict Repository Safari Plus (com.opa334.safariplus) v1.7.12 by opa334 via BigBoss ScreenshotActions (com.p2kdev.screenshotactions) v1.1.1 by P2KDev via Packix Waqt (com.p2kdev.waqt) v1.1 by P2KDev via Packix half (com.peterdev.half) v1.0.2 by Soongyu Kwon & Ayden Leppert via Packix PkgHistory (com.pixelomer.dpkglogger) v1.0 by pixelomer via PixelOmer's Repo libLocalInject (com.pixelomer.liblocalinject) v0.6.1 by PixelOmer via Local Repository LocalInject (com.pixelomer.localizationinjector) v0.5.1 by PixelOmer via Local Repository LetMeBlock ( v0.0.7.5 by PoomSmart via Ceadd's Repo Bongwater (com.qiop1379.bongwater) v1.1.3 by qwertyuiop1379 via qwertyuiop1379's repo FixFacebookCrash (com.qiop1379.fixfacebookcrash) v1.0.1 by qwertyuiop1379 via qwertyuiop1379's repo Shreddit (com.qiop1379.shreddit) v1.0.1 by qwertyuiop1379 via qwertyuiop1379's repo Cylinder (com.r333d.cylinder) v1.1 by Reed Weichler via BigBoss FastLPM (com.redenticdev.fastlpm) v1.1.1 by RedenticDev via Redentic's Repo Harmony (com.revulate.harmony) v2.0.3 by Revulate via Dynastic Repo SorryLowBattery (com.rob311.sorrylowbattery) v1.5 by rob311 via BigBoss Icon Renamer (com.rpetrich.iconrenamer) v1.2.6 by Ryan Petrich via rpetrich Powercuff (com.rpetrich.powercuff) v0.1 by Ryan Petrich via rpetrich RocketBootstrap (com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap) v1.0.9 by Ryan Petrich via rpetrich A-Bypass (com.rpgfarm.a-bypass) v1.3.4 by Baw Appie via Local Repository A-Shields (com.rpgfarm.a-shields) v1.3.1 by Baw Appie via Local Repository Noti-Fi (com.rpgfarm.noti-fi) v1.0.1 by Baw Appie via MERONA Repository ipa2deb (com.rullinoiz.ipa2deb) v1.0.5 by rullinoiz via repoiz AudioSnapshotServer (com.ryannair05.audiosnapshotserver) v2.1.2 by Ryan Nair and Nepeta via Packix Cask 2 (com.ryannair05.cask) v1.2.0 by Ryan Nair via Packix libmitsuhaforever (com.ryannair05.libmitsuhaforever) v1.3.5 by Ryan Nair, ConorTheDev, Nepeta via Packix Mitsuha Forever (com.ryannair05.mitsuhaforever) v1.3.5 by Ryan Nair, ConorTheDev, and Nepeta via Packix Substrate Safe Mode (com.saurik.substrate.safemode) v0.9.6004 by Jay Freeman (saurik) via BingneElucubratus CCRinger13 (com.shepgoba.ccringer13) v0.1 by shepgoba via shepgoba's repo DownloadBar13 (com.shepgoba.downloadbar13) v1.0.1 by shepgoba via shepgoba's repo SettingsWidgets (com.shepgoba.settingswidgets) v1.2 by Shepgoba via Dynastic Repo AwesomePageDots (com.shiftcmdk.awesomepagedots) v1.1.3 by shiftcmdk via shiftcmdk NoClipboardForYou (com.shiftcmdk.noclipboardforyou) v1.0.2 by shiftcmdk via shiftcmdk PencilChargingIndicator (com.shiftcmdk.pencilchargingindicator) v1.2~b7 by shiftcmdk via shiftcmdk ldrestarthelper (com.smokin1337.ldrestarthelper) v1.0.1 by smokin1337 via BigBoss Togglow (com.smokin1337.togglow) v1.0.8 by smokin1337 via iDeviceHacked [lovely day to be jailbroken] CCMusicArtwork (com.spark.ccmusicartwork) v2.2.0 by Spark via SparkDev libSparkAppList (com.spark.libsparkapplist) v1.0.9 by Spark via SparkDev libsparkcolourpicker (com.spark.libsparkcolourpicker) v1.0.1 by Spark via Local Repository SleepyTime (com.spark.sleepytime) v0.0.2 by Spark via SparkDev SneakyCam (com.spark.sneakycam) v2.0.6 by Spark via Local Repository SnowBoard (com.spark.snowboard) v1.3.8~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Dock Extension (com.spark.snowboard.dock) v1.0.17~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Icon Effects Extension (com.spark.snowboard.effects) v1.0.49~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Fonts Extension (com.spark.snowboard.fonts) v1.0.8~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Labels Extension (com.spark.snowboard.labels) v1.0.4~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Icon Masks Extension (com.spark.snowboard.masks) v1.0.18~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Page Dots Extension (com.spark.snowboard.pagedots) v1.0.6~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Preset Extension (com.spark.snowboard.presetextension) v1.0.19~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Procedural Wallpapers Extension (com.spark.snowboard.proceduralwallpapers) v1.0.1~Beta1 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Respring Extension (com.spark.snowboard.respringextension) v1.0.5~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension (com.spark.snowboard.settingsicons) v1.0.25~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Sounds Extension (com.spark.snowboard.sounds) v0.0.2~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard StatusBar Extension (com.spark.snowboard.statusbar) v1.0.8~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard UI Extension (com.spark.snowboard.ui) v1.0.59~Beta3 by Spark via SparkDev SnowBoard Application (com.spark.snowboardapplication) v1.0.3~Beta2 by Spark via SparkDev Sposify (com.spos) v8.5.52 by aesthyrica via Dynastic Repo HapticTwitter (com.squ1dd13.haptictwitter) v1.0 by Squ1dd13 via BigBoss SizeFinder (com.squ1dd13.sizefinder) v2.0.1 by Squ1dd13 via BigBoss Jumper (com.tapsharp.jumper) v2.1.1 by Neo Ighodaro via Packix Cenamo (com.thomz.cenamo) v1.1 by Thomz via Chariz Haptic Buttons (com.thomz.hapticbuttons) v1.2.0 by thomz via Packix Apps Manager (com.tigisoftware.appdatamanager) v1.5.3 by TIGI Software via BigBoss WeatherGround (com.tr1fecta.weatherground) v1.3 by Tr1Fecta via Chariz MusicAlbumScroll (com.twickd.ethan-whited.musicalbumscroll) v1.4 by Ethan Whited via Twickd Central (com.twickd.jake.central) v1.0.6 by Jake via Twickd 3DBadgeClear (com.twickd.john-sklikas.3dbadgeclear) v1.6.8 by John Sklikas via Twickd iPhone SE Dynamic Wallpapers (com.twickd.tycho.iphone-se-dynamic-wallpapers) v1.1 by Tycho via Twickd DockX (com.udevs.dockx) v2.1.7 by udevs via udevs Felicity Pro (com.xandesign.felicitypro) v2.1 by xerusdesign via Dynastic Repo WeatherUnlockText (com.xcxiao.weatherunlocktext) v1.0.0 by XCXiao via Packix HapticMyRespring (com.yourepo.cydiageek.1) v1.0.0 by CydiaGeek via CydiaGeek Source Neon Apple Respring (com.yourepo.imjustsaying.neonapplerespring) v1.1 by ImJustSaying via ImJustSaying’s Repo - YouRepo Filza File Manager 64-bit (com.yourepo.mohadu31.filza64bit) v3.7.6-6k by TIGI Software via Mohadu31 Hosts Cleaner (com.yourepo.mohadu31.hostscleaner) v1.4.1 by Thireus via Mohadu31 DzMohaipa Icons (com.yourepo.mohadu31.icone) v10.4 by DzMohaipa via Mohadu31 Core Utilities (coreutils) v8.31-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Core Utilities (/bin) (coreutils-bin) v8.31-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Cydia Installer (cydia) v1.1.36 by Jay Freeman (saurik) via BingneElucubratus Cydia Translations (cydia-lproj) v1.1.32~b1 by Jay Freeman (saurik) via BingneElucubratus Darwin Tools (darwintools) v1.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Debian Utilities (debianutils) v4.8.6-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Playing (dev.hyper.playing) v1.3 by ConorTheDev via Dynastic Repo Diff Utilities (diffutils) v3.6-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus diskdev-cmds (diskdev-cmds) v593.221.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Debian Packager (dpkg) v1.19.7-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Essential (essential) v0-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus file (file) v5.35-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Find Utilities (findutils) v4.6.0-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus iPhone Firmware (/sbin) (firmware-sbin) v0-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus GNU Cryptography (gcrypt) v1.8.3-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus gettext (gettext) v0.19.8-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus GnuPG (gnupg) v2.2.11-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus GnuTLS (gnutls) v3.5.19-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus grep (grep) v3.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus gzip (gzip) v1.9-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Kalm ( v2.0.5 by ubik via Chariz Reva UI (io.alo.revaui) v2.3 by Alo via Packix AnyKeyTrackpad (jp.r-plus.anykeytrackpad) v1.0 by r_plus via Packix DeleteCut (jp.r-plus.deletecut) v0.5 by r_plus via BigBoss Launch Daemon Controller (launchctl) v23-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Link Identity Editor (ldid) v2: by Jay Freeman (saurik) via BingneElucubratus APT (lib) (libapt) v1.8.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus APT (libapt-pkg) (libapt-pkg5.0) v1.8.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Assuan (libassuan) v2.5.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (libgmp10) v6.1.2-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus GnuPG Errors (libgpg-error) v1.32-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libidn2 (libidn2) v6.1.2-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus KSBA (libksba) v1.3.5-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libplist (libplist) v2.2.1-3 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libplist++-dev (libplist++-dev) v2.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libplist++3 (libplist++3) v2.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libplist-dev (libplist-dev) v2.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libplist-utils (libplist-utils) v2.2.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libplist3 (libplist3) v2.2.1-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus OpenSSL 1.0 Libraries (libssl1.0) v1.0.2s-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus OpenSSL 1.1.1 Libraries (libssl1.1.1) v1.1.1c-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libtasn1 (libtasn1) v4.13-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus libunistring (libunistring) v0.9.10-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus LZ4 (lz4) v1.7.5-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus LZMA Utils (lzma) v2:4.32.7-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Cercube for YouTube (me.alfhaily.cercube) v5.2.3 by Majd Alfhaily via Local Repository Rocket for Instagram (me.alfhaily.rocket) v3.7.8 by Majd Alfhaily via Local Repository Installer (me.apptapp.installer) v5.0.3-2 by AppTapp via Official AppTapp repo counter (me.conorthedev.counter) v1.0.2 by ConorTheDev + Mirac via ConorTheDev's Repo dotto+ (me.conorthedev.dotto+) v1.0.5 by ConorTheDev & Mirac via Dynastic Repo Dragspring (me.conorthedev.dragspring) v2.1 by ConorTheDev via Dynastic Repo libappearancecell (me.conorthedev.libappearancecell) v1.0.3 by ConorTheDev via Dynastic Repo libconorthedev (me.conorthedev.libconorthedev) v1.1 by ConorTheDev via Dynastic Repo Eclipse Dark Mode (iOS 12) (me.gmoran.eclipse12) v6.1.2-2 by Guillermo Morán (fr0st) via Packix Shadow (me.jjolano.shadow) v2.0.20 by jjolano via jjolano's iOS Tweaks HomePlus Beta (me.kritanta.homeplus) v0.4.9-beta by Kritanta via Local Repository libCozy (me.kritanta.libcozy) v0.1.1 by Kritanta via Ryan Nair's Repo Quorra (me.lightmann.quorra) v1.0.3 by Lightmann via Lightmann Vinyl (me.lightmann.vinyl) v1.0.7.2 by Lightmann via Lightmann Trolldrop (me.midnightchips.trolldrop) v1.0.0 by MidnightChips, XMB5 via MidnightChips Repo Axon Reborn (me.nepeta.axonreborn) v2.0.0 by Nepeta via Nepeta libnepeta (me.nepeta.libnepeta) v0.1.1-2+debug by Nepeta via Local Repository ReachIt (me.nepeta.reachit) v0.3.0 by Nepeta via Local Repository Relocate Reborn (me.nepeta.relocatereborn) v1.0.1 by Nepeta via Nepeta Wasabi (me.nepeta.wasabi) v0.1.0 by Nepeta via Nepeta New Curses (ncurses) v6.1+20181013-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus New Curses (ncurses5-libs) v5.9-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus AppSync Unified (net.angelxwind.appsyncunified) v84.0 by Linus Yang, Karen/あけみ via Karen/あけみ's Repo KarenLocalizer (net.angelxwind.karenlocalizer) v1.0.5 by Karen/Akemi (angelXwind) via BigBoss Evil Scheme (net.pane.l.evilscheme) v0.2.4 by Lorenzo via Dynastic Repo Nettle (nettle) v3.4.1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus New GNU Portable Threads (npth) v1.6-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus DismissProgress (org.thebigboss.dismissprogress) v1.0.3 by PoomSmart via BigBoss BigBoss Icon Set (org.thebigboss.repo.icons) v1.0 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus p11-kit (p11-kit) v0.23.12-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus 7-zip (POSIX) (p7zip) v16.02-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus PreferenceLoader (preferenceloader) v2.2.5 by Sam Bingner via BigBoss Profile Directory (profile.d) v0-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus readline (readline) v8.0-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Unc0ver Policy Softener (science.xnu.substituted) v1.0.0 by pwn20wnd via Local Repository RoadRunner (se.nosskirneh.roadrunner) v1.0~beta3 by Andreas Henriksson via henrikssonbrothers sed (sed) v4.5-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus shell-cmds (shell-cmds) v118-8 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus system-cmds (system-cmds) v790.30.1-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus Tape Archive (tar) v1.30-2 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus UIKit Tools (uikittools) v1.1.17-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus unrar (unrar) v5.6.4-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus unzip (unzip) v6.0+deb9u1-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus WallpaperLoader (wallpaperloader) v1.0 by Skitty via Skitty's Repo Alderis Color Picker (ws.hbang.alderis) v1.0.1 by HASHBANG Productions via Chariz Cephei Tweak Support (ws.hbang.common) v1.15.3 by HASHBANG Productions via Chariz NewTerm (iOS 10 – 13) (ws.hbang.newterm2) v2.4 by HASHBANG Productions via Chariz Multipla Lite (xyz.burritoz.thomz.multiplalite) v1.1.1~lite5 by Thomz and burrit0z via Chariz RealKeys (xyz.royalapps.realkeys) v1.0.3 by Justin Proulx via Dynastic Repo iPhone 11 Pro Live Wallpapers (xyz.skitty.11prowp) v1.0 by Skitty via Skitty's Repo DarkShot (xyz.skitty.darkshot) v1.0 by Skitty via Skitty's Repo Ersatz (xyz.skitty.ersatz) v1.0 by Skitty via Skitty's Repo WallpaperLoader (Prefs) (xyz.skitty.wplprefs) v1.0 by Skitty via Skitty's Repo Zebra (xyz.willy.zebra) v1.2~beta3b by Wilson Styres via Zebra Beta System Info (xyz.xninja.systeminfo) v2.7.2-1 by ARX8x via ARX8x XZ Utils (xz) v5.2.4-4 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus zip (zip) v2.32-1 by Unknown via BingneElucubratus
submitted by andreisava4 to jailbreak [link] [comments]

2020.09.07 21:33 shanabailey Products that I did NOT add to database today (7.9.2020)

Products that I did NOT add to database today. Check image compilation: . If you want to add an item to Couponsfromchina database, then click on "Add Product" button on
  1. ✔️ Drillpro Upgrade 11.5 Inch Chainsaw Bracket Changed 100 125 150 Angle Grinder Into Chain Saw 🌐 💰 Price: $25.29 💵 Coupon: BG8601
  2. ✔️ Electric Auto Rotating Potato Peeler Pear Apple Fruit Vegetable Cutter Slicer Kitchen Utensil 🌐 💰 Price: $23.99 💵 Coupon: BGXSXPGJP
  3. ✔️ Electric Auto Rotating Potato Peeler Pear Apple Fruit Vegetable Cutter Slicer Kitchen Utensil 🌐 💰 Price: $22.99 💵 Coupon: BGYBQXPGJP
  4. ✔️ 450mm Aluminum Alloy Rail Miter Bar Slider Table Saw Gauge Rod Miter Gauge Woodworking Tool 🌐 💰 Price: $11.25 💵 Coupon: BGBAR01
  5. ✔️ Yeston RX550 4GD5 LP 4GB GDDR5 128Bit 1071MHz 6000MHz Gaming Graphics Card for Video 🌐 💰 Price: $82.99
  6. ✔️ 22PCS/Set Cocktail Shaker Boston Maker Bartender Martini Mixer Making Tool Bar Tools 🌐 💰 Price: $26.99 💵 Coupon: BGHOMEVV13
  7. ✔️ USB 2.0 External CD Burner CD/DVD Player Optical Drive for PC Laptop Windows 🌐 💰 Price: $12.99
  8. ✔️ KEMOVE SnowFox 61 Keys 60% NKRO bluetooth 5.1 Type-C Dual Mode Mechanical Gaming Keyboard PBT Keycap Gateron Axis Switch Hotswappable Switches RGB Backlight Keyboard with Full Keys Programmable 🌐 💰 Price: $79.99
  9. ✔️ Orlandoo-Hunter OH32A03 1/32 DIY Kit Unpainted RC Rock Crawler Car Without Electronic Part 🌐 💰 Price: $50.88 💵 Coupon: BG15OH32A
  10. ✔️ 12V/24V Deep Well Pump Peak 300W 8m3/h Solar Submersible Pump 🌐 💰 Price: $89.99 💵 Coupon: BGYJ049
  11. ✔️ 6PC A Set Baby Bed Bumpers Cotton Plush Safety Infant Toddler Nursery Beding Protection 🌐 💰 Price: $24.66 💵 Coupon: BG9FR32
  12. ✔️ 0.3ML Silver Conductive Wire Glue Paste for Electronics Repair 🌐 💰 Price: $2.99 💵 Coupon: BG03ML
  13. ✔️ 3D Magic Drawing Pad LED Writing Tablet Board For Plastic Creative Art Magic Board Pad With Pen Brush Children Clipboard Gift Set - Red 🌐 💰 Price: $11.49 💵 Coupon: BGGE518
  14. ✔️ Monitor TV Top Shelf Display Shelf Bracket Desk Storage Rack Organizer Black 🌐 💰 Price: $6.59 💵 Coupon: BGGNKD
  15. ✔️ USB 3.0 Type C External CD DVD Drive Dual Port DVD-RW Player Portable Optical Drive Burner Writer Rewriter High Speed Data Transfer for PC Laptop OS Windows 7/8/10 🌐 💰 Price: $21.99
  16. ✔️ 3D 12 Line Green Light Laser Level Digital Self Leveling 360\u00b0 Rotary Measure 🌐 💰 Price: $59.99 💵 Coupon: BGE65904
  17. ✔️ Yeston R5 240-4GD3 VA 320 Units 650MHz 1333MHz 4GB GDDR3 64Bit Gaming Video Graphics Card 🌐 💰 Price: $62.99
  18. ✔️ Camping Thermal Sublimation 5-surfaces Cherry Profile PBT Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard 🌐 💰 Price: $56.99
  19. ✔️ KACO PURE 10Pcs Candy Color Gel Pens 0.5mm Black/Multicolor Gel Ink Pens Press Type Writing Pen Stationery Office School Supplies Form XIAOMI YOUPIN 🌐 💰 Price: $6.99 💵 Coupon: BGCC953
  20. ✔️ Colorful\u00ae H310M-E V21 Intel H310 Chip M-ATX Motherboard Mainboard Support Intel LGA1151 Interface Coffee Lake-S Series Processors 🌐 💰 Price: $62.99
  21. ✔️ DEUTER GT-03 Aluminium AlloyBike Rollers Indoor Stationary Exercise Bicycle Roller Trainer Belt Stand Aluminum Alloy MTB Road Bicycle Home Exercise Tools Cycling Training 🌐 💰 Price: $91.99 💵 Coupon: BGAMO
  22. ✔️ DEUTER GT-03 Aluminium AlloyBike Rollers Indoor Stationary Exercise Bicycle Roller Trainer Belt Stand Aluminum Alloy MTB Road Bicycle Home Exercise Tools Cycling Training 🌐 💰 Price: $78.99 💵 Coupon: BGOOPL
  23. ✔️ Deepfox Type C USB3.0 External CD DVD RW Optical Drive DVD Burner DVD Writer Super Drive For Laptop Notebook 🌐 💰 Price: $19.99
  24. ✔️ 20W Electric Shoe Boot Dryer Heater Foot Warmer Protector Deodorant Sterilizer 🌐 💰 Price: $9.99 💵 Coupon: BGSDYTH
  25. ✔️ 100Pcs Caveen Nitrile Gloves, Disposable Gloves , No Powder,Latex Free, Anti-allergic, Wear-resistant S/M/L/XL/XS 🌐 💰 Price: $14.88 💵 Coupon: 576359
  26. ✔️ 100Pcs Caveen Nitrile Gloves, Disposable Gloves , No Powder,Latex Free, Anti-allergic, Wear-resistant S/M/L/XL/XS 🌐 💰 Price: $14.88 💵 Coupon: BG100GL
  27. ✔️ Wooden Desktop Organizer Multi-Functional DIY Pen Holder Box Tilting / Vertical Desktop Stationary Home Office Supplies Storage Rack with Drawer 🌐 💰 Price: $14.99 💵 Coupon: BGDO867
  28. ✔️ HUANANZHI B75 Desktop Motherboard M-ATX LGA1155 for Core i3 i5 i7 CPU Support 2*8G DDR3 Memory Black 🌐 💰 Price: $45.99
  29. ✔️ Aosiman ASM-156FC 15.6 Inch 1080P Portable Computer Monitor Gaming Display Screen for iPhone Smartphone Tablet Laptop Game Consoles 🌐 💰 Price: $154.99 💵 Coupon: BGcd1450
  30. ✔️ Ultralight Parachute Hammock Hunting Mosquito Net Double Person Sleeping Bed Garden Outdoor Camping Portable Hammock 🌐 💰 Price: $18.99 💵 Coupon: BGYJDDCJP
  31. ✔️ Ultralight Parachute Hammock Hunting Mosquito Net Double Person Sleeping Bed Garden Outdoor Camping Portable Hammock 🌐 💰 Price: $17.99 💵 Coupon: BOBODCJP
  32. ✔️ Lekete LKT-824A floor-standing Metal Iron Round Projector Bracket Stand Projector Mount for XGIMI H2 H3 Z6 JMGO P1 P2 G3 G7 J6 Projector 🌐 💰 Price: $34.99 💵 Coupon: BGLKP323
  33. ✔️ HONGDUI Woodworking Assembly Table Saw Clear Cut Press Stock Push Guide Table Saw Cutting Pushing Guide 🌐 💰 Price: $169.99 💵 Coupon: BG18aebe
  34. ✔️ 10.8V/12V Li-ion Battery Charger For Makita 10.8V/12V Lithium Battery BL1013 DC10WA 🌐 💰 Price: $12.99 💵 Coupon: BGMA12V
  35. ✔️ Upgraded Height Adjustable Standing Desk Computer Laptop Desk 2 Layers 31.5"L 23.6"W For Home Office With Host Shelf 🌐 💰 Price: $71.99 💵 Coupon: BGWYCSGM
  36. ✔️ 16V 2000mAh/4000mAh Cordless Li-ion Electric Car Polisher Sander Polishing Machine 🌐 💰 Price: $110.99 💵 Coupon: BGD023
  37. ✔️ OSCOO PCle NVMe SSD Gen3.0 x 4 Nvme1.3 Input Port 256GB 512GB 1TB up to 1944 M/s Hgh Speed Read and 1600M/s Writting Solid State Disk Hard Drive SSD For MacBook Air Pro Laptop 🌐 💰 Price: $55.99
  38. ✔️ FENGMI 100 Inch Projector Screen 16:9 Black Screen Anti-light Soft Screen 4K HD Home Theater Projector Screen Support Ultra Short Throw Laser Projection Equipment From XIAOMI YOUPIN 🌐 💰 Price: $599.99 💵 Coupon: BGFCZ921
  39. ✔️ Cotton Candy Maker Machine Nostalgia DIY Cotton Candy Sugar Machine For Kids Gift Children 🌐 💰 Price: $43.99 💵 Coupon: BGBGMHTJJP
  40. ✔️ Cotton Candy Maker Machine Nostalgia DIY Cotton Candy Sugar Machine For Kids Gift Children 🌐 💰 Price: $42.99 💵 Coupon: BGYBHTJP
  41. ✔️ Drillpro 5Pcs Drawable Sandpaper Rolls 25mmx6m Boxed Assorted Abrasive Sandpaper Rolls For Wood Turners Furniture Repair Woodworkers Metal Workers and Automotive Body Work 🌐 💰 Price: $16.99 💵 Coupon: BGoff544
  42. ✔️ 500 Meters Intelligent Remote Control Single Cabin Double Motors Fishing Boat Fish Finder Outdoor Multifunctional Hunting Boat Carp Fishing Feeder-Black/Red 🌐 💰 Price: $99.99 💵 Coupon: BGDDKA
  43. ✔️ G10 Hand-painted Board Drawing Graphic Tablets Digital Drawing Board Writing Tablet Connected to Mobile Phone Computer Painting Writing 🌐 💰 Price: $45.99 💵 Coupon: BGBD099
  44. ✔️ Tree Shape Bookshelf Desktop Organizer 60cm Height 🌐 💰 Price: $30.99 💵 Coupon: BGWXDNGM
  45. ✔️ J15 Mini 1080P Full HD LED Projector Portable Projector Home Cinema Theater Outdoor Movie for Party Camping 🌐 💰 Price: $46.99 💵 Coupon: BGJM074
  46. ✔️ 1/12 All Metal Climbing Frame For MN D90 Crawler RC Car Parts Without Electric Parts 🌐 💰 Price: $141.99 💵 Coupon: BG172H09
  47. ✔️ Air Conditioner Cover Windshield Conditioning Baffle Shield Adjustable Anti-wind 🌐 💰 Price: $16.99 💵 Coupon: BG0533
  48. ✔️ ORICO 2580U3 2.5'' USB3.0 Portable SATA SSD Enclosure 5Gbps 4TB Max Hard Disk Enclosure Tool Free Tape-Shaped Enclosure 🌐 💰 Price: $8.99
  49. ✔️ Suohuang SZJF-054S2 Notebook Computer Laptop Stand Cooling Pad 1 Fans USB Adjustable Heightening Shelf Portable Lifting Bracket 🌐 💰 Price: $17.99
  50. ✔️ MINISFORUM DeskMINI UM300 AMD Ryzen 3 3300U 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Radeon Vega 6 Graphics Mini PC Desktop PC Quad Core 2.1GHz to 3.5GHz DP HDMI RJ45 Win10 Home 🌐 💰 Price: $359.99 💵 Coupon: BGSEDK
  51. ✔️ 220V Electric Brad Nail U Type Staple Dual-Use Staple Woodworking Tools-Green 🌐 💰 Price: $41.99 💵 Coupon: BG1683431
  52. ✔️ 220V Electric Brad Nail U Type Staple Dual-Use Staple Woodworking Tools-Green 🌐 💰 Price: $49.99 💵 Coupon: BGENG
  53. ✔️ Drillpro Adjustable 5PCS 15/20/25/30/35mm Forstner Drill Bit Set Titanium Coating Wood Auger Cutter Woodworking Positioning Hole Saw Cutter Hinge Hole Opener 🌐 💰 Price: $13.55 💵 Coupon: BG7051db
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  63. ✔️ HUOHOU IPX6 Waterproof USB Recharge Auto-Sensing Disinfection Portable Cutlery Box from Xiiaomi Youpin 🌐 💰 Price: $29.99 💵 Coupon: BG9FR52
  64. ✔️ Hero 7006 Fountain Pen Set 0.5mm 0.8mm Nib Calligraphy Writing Signing Pens Ballpoint Pen Gifts Box for Students Friends Families Colleagues 🌐 💰 Price: $10.99 💵 Coupon: BGFP171
  65. ✔️ G10BTS Air Mouse IR Learning Gyroscope Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Infrared Remote Control for Android Tv Box/ProjectoMini PC/TV 🌐 💰 Price: $9.99
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  71. ✔️ USB Mini UV Sterilizing Desktop Air Conditioner Fan Home Office Rechargeable 3 Speed Adjustable Air Cooler Fan 🌐 💰 Price: $26.99 💵 Coupon: BGXP091
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  73. ✔️ S/M/L Non-stick Rectangular Cake Baking Pans Multifunctional Bakeware Cake Molds Warp-resistant Baking Base Tray 🌐 💰 Price: $9.99 💵 Coupon: BGXP861
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  76. ✔️ 4/5 Blade Eco-friendly Stove Fan Low Noise Home Fireplace Fan Efficient Heat Distribution 🌐 💰 Price: $39.55 💵 Coupon: BGSTHDFAN
  77. ✔️ KCASA 6PCS Wheat Straw Kitchen Knife Cutting Board Cutter Stainless Steel Chef Knife Peele Scissor Sets Fruit Knife Multi-purpose Knife - Yellow 🌐 💰 Price: $20.99 💵 Coupon: BGXP757
  78. ✔️ HiBREW 2-in-1 Portable Blue Bean Grinder and Syrup Machine Stable Speed and Low Noise with Fresh Juice and Ground Bean's Cup for Dry Grinding Crushed Ice and Milkshake 🌐 💰 Price: $36.99 💵 Coupon: BGXXYMJP
  79. ✔️ Atomstack New 20W Laser Engraving Machine Desktop DIY Laser Engraver New Eye Protection Design Support For LaserGRBL/LightBurn/Windows 🌐 💰 Price: $249.99 💵 Coupon: BGATS888
Compilation image:
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2020.09.05 03:25 Anasoori Does ANYONE use the "Markup on iOS Device" tool in Finder Quick Actions to markup documents on your iPad Pro?

EDIT: it's actually called Annotate on iOS Device
If you haven't heard of it, I'd like to introduce you to the "Annotate on iOS" Finder tool

Briefly, the way it works is when you're in Finder, you can right click a PDF for example and use quick actions then markup. Once you reach that preview window, you can find a "Annotate on iOS Device" button at the top. This allows you to choose your iPad or iPhone to markup the document. Once you hit done, the markups are saved on the document you were working on regardless where it's saved on your Mac.

Unfortunately I have not found this to be available in Preview.

It works great and is very convenient for my workflow, but it seems like nobody uses it as I can't find much about it anywhere besides a brief paragraph on an Apple webpage.

I love the tool but I sometimes get bugs when using it. When I spoke with Apple Support, they seemed to be nearly unaware of the tool. I also haven't seen many people talk about it. I'm wondering if anyone uses it in their workflow? If not, maybe you'll find it useful!
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2020.09.02 19:26 SkyVelleity Need help saving The Day of Sagittarius III for iOS from Being Lost Forever

tl;dr If you previously purchased The Day of Sagittarius III for iOS, or know someone who did, you may be essential in preventing the game from being lost forever.

I'm hoping someone in this subreddit can help me out, because this is a long shot and there's not much I can do myself in this matter.
Back in 2010, The Day of Sagittarius III (TDOS3) was released on the App Store for iPhone, however, as Apple no longer allows the purchase of 32-bit only apps, it has been removed for purchase, yet is still available for download to anyone who has previously purchased it.
To prevent the game from being lost forever, I'm looking for the help of someone who has previously purchased the app:
To save the app from being lost forever, should Apple make a change in the future, someone who has already purchased the game would need to download and install iTunes 12.6.5, Available Here (this can be installed on any recent version of Windows, or any version of macOS before 10.14 Mojave (this will run alongside your main iTunes install, if you have one)), then sign in with the iTunes account used to purchase the game, go to the Store page, click "Apps" (By selecting "Music" up the top left, then "Edit Menu", and enabling "Apps"), you should now see "App Store", and on the right you can click "Purchases", and God willing you'll see every app you've downloaded available there.
Searching for "TDOS" or "Sagittarius"
Download it, then go to library, right click on TDOS3, and select either "Show in Windows Explorer" or "Show in Finder", and you'll have the file we're after, ready to be preserved.
(All apps you download should show up as .ipa files (iOS apps) in "[user]\My Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications" on Windows, or "~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications" if you're on a Mac.)
This isn't the final step, as the app is still encrypted, but keeping it somewhere safe is paramount. If you get to this stage, I'd recommend throwing it on, or and linking to it in this thread.
I'll leave it here for now, if anyone gets this far then I can walk you through decrypting the app so anyone can install it, I just thought I'd post this while Haruhi's getting a little extra attention, possibly from some older fans, I've somewhat rushed this post but I think it's important to try and save this app if at all possible, as quickly as possible. As far as I'm aware, this is one of the only pieces of lost media relating to Haruhi, I'd very much like to make sure it's saved.
If there's any other lost media, I think we should all endeavour to do our hardest to save it, but for now, let's try TDOS3.

Additionally, it appears there was also a "Drill Edition" available, however I am unaware of the differences between this version and the other.
(Preserving both would be ideal.)
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2020.09.02 17:36 Leon_Art AirDrop not working on iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011)

So I do see AirDrop (see here), but it doesn't find my iPad of iPhone that are on. I've looked online for help (like this, or this, or this) but they don't have the same screens/windows/information as I do.
Can I fix this or can I best just give up because it won't work anyway?
Edit: Also I'm using macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6 (17G14019)
I also can't see it in my Finder, I can't even see "locations" in the way they describe here.
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2020.09.01 16:21 MarkDMill Great deals for 9/1, including USB-C adaptors, 25% off Apple gear at eBay, Screeny, CardioBot, & more

Amazon Tech Deals for 09/01 - Today's Amazon tech deals include:
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2020.08.29 21:30 dogclown [Question] Having trouble w checkra1n, ios 13.6.1, iphone x

Hi, I'm using checkra1n on a macbook to jailbreak my iPhone with these specs but when I enter DFU mode, checkra1n greys out the start button. I'm using macOS Catalina, Finder recognizes it's in recovery mode, tried an Apple cable and now a third party cable and doesn't work still. Checkra1n says, "iPhone X (GSM) connected in DFU mode ... Please connect device in Normal/REcovery mode or run checkra1n in CLI mode." Am I doing something wrong? :/ Thanks in advance
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2020.08.26 05:22 turkey_is_dead The Future of the Ipad - A Choose Your Preferred OS Option

I was just thinking about how I enjoy the form factor of my ipad air 3 but can’t stand the ipad os. I find myself using it less and less and now only use it for Adobe Fresco for work. Everything else I use my phone, laptop or desktop.
I find ios very ui friendly for the small phone form factor and need full blown mac os and windows for macbook pro and pc desktop respectively. Then I thought how ipad was in between both. Then I inagined I would use my ipad air 3 a lot more if it could run mac os and I could use full blown photoshop, after effects, and msft office on it. There are also many other reasons like resizing multiple finder and app windows.
Then I thought it would be amazing if Apple let ipad owners choose which os they want to run. People who enjoy ipad os can choose that and people like me can choose mac os since ipad feels like a bridge between the iphone and macbooks. What do you guys think about this idea? Is it something feasible or maybe there aren’t enough people like me? Either way I was wondering what other ipad owners thought about this.
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2020.08.25 17:34 MozambiquePro iTools Mobile - Download - FAQ - iOS 13

Note: If your device is running iOS 13, you will need to use the bypass trick if you wish to spoof any further than 15-20km from your IRL location. iOS 11 and 12 don’t require any bypass as the limitations we're set in iOS 13.
iTools Bluetooth/Gen 1 Directions
iOS 13 Bypass Trick
Where Do I Find The Devices?
The iTools devices are oftentimes out of stock, however, you can find them on their website, their Gumroad and occasionally on Amazon and other such websites. In order for iTools to properly work, you need one of the two devices.
Is It Safe?
No spoofing method is 100% safe as things can always change, but iTools has never had any reported bans and has been around almost 4 years meaning it has a similar track record to Android Rooted methods.
Where can I find more information?
You can join the iTools Discord server which provides user to user support and many different channels and guides to help you figure things out. If you're looking for any more information regarding the steps listed above, you can look through their very own guide to using iTools.
Can I use one iTools device to connect to multiple devices?
No, you are not able to connect to multiple devices using either of the devices currently available.
What Can You Do Using It?
iTools gives you access to coordinates of 100% Pokémon, field research, nests, raids, gyms, nearby Pokémon, and a wild finder. They also have joystick, however its located in the separate app rather than overlaying the screen.
Note: To use this method, you need a device with 2GB of ram on your device. Devices capable that include at least 2 GB would be the iPhone SE, 6s, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XR, SE (new), XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro max. Almost every iPad now has 2 GB of Ram, look up your devices make and model to check if you would like to make sure.
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2020.08.25 16:21 MarkDMill Great deals for 8/25, including AirPods Pro, Bose QuietComfort headphones, Inspire Pro, iWriter, & more

Amazon Tech Deals for 08/25 - Today's Amazon tech deals include:
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2020.08.24 16:10 MarkDMill Great deals for 8/24, including AirPods & AirPods Pro, Apple’s iPhone cases, NeuralCam, StopTheMadness, & Workspaces

Amazon Tech Deals for 08/24 - Today's Amazon tech deals include:
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2020.08.23 02:58 kaskudoo Cannot share any books from the books app

I have a few EPUBs in my library on Catalina. They are also in my iCloud. None purchased through Apple. I cannot drag and drop them onto my iPhone in Finder. When selecting ‘share’ from the context menu it just shows ‘none’. What is going on here?
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2020.08.22 16:40 GamblinWillie Random songs showing up on iPhone

Hi - I've developed an issue of random songs which I own showing up on my iPhone even though I didn't selected them to sync from my Mac to my phone. And they're hard to get rid of! Here is the fix I've come up with which seems to work.
Some background: I have nearly 5,000 albums on my computer. Many of them are not available on Apple Music (includes Mojo Magazine CDs, CDs burned from Box sets, etc.) I've also changed the artwork, created custom albums from singles, etc. In other words - Apple Music Match would never work for me. So I must manually select and download the songs to my merely 64gb iPhone.
I prefer to listen to whole albums, and I like to shuffle my collection so a random album plays. This is easy enough to do on the computer, but this ability was removed from the iPhone several years ago. I use a third party program called AlbumMixer that does that for me and works very well. (Note: I love programs that do one specific thing well).
Often random songs show up downloaded on my phone. This is annoying because they take up space and mess up my Album Shuffle. I could delete them individually but this is like playing whack a mole.
Here is the best process I've found for getting rid of them. Note this isn't a good idea if you subscribe to Apple Music and download albums directly to your phone wirelessly. This is for us old school bastards who still use a cable to sync.
1) Turn off the cellular and WiFi from your phone.
2) Go into Music settings and delete the whole music library
3) Connect phone to computer
4) Find the phone in "Finder"
5) Under the Music options, deselect all playlists, artists, albums you synced previously.
P.S. - as others have noted, you might end up with copies of the playlists you have now on your iTunes (Apple Music). Delete them.
6) Sync your phone (backup while you're at it)
7) Disconnect and confirm there is no music on your phone.
8) Reconnect, and this time select the playlists you want. I've noticed Smart Playlists sometimes have issues.
9) Disconnect and browse through the music on your phone to confirm only the albums you want are there.
10) Turn cellular and WiFi back on
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2020.08.18 09:48 demwz iPhone gesperrt

Vorbemerkung: Das nun folgende mag für einen Informatiker mit 20 Jahren Berufserfahrung entblößend peinlich sein, aber es ist nun einmal so passiert. Kann auch sein, dass ich alt werde, oder dass solche Tutorials einfach nicht für Menschen wie mich gemacht sind - anyway
Sohnemann hat sein Sperrkennwort vergessen - kann passieren. Mal kurz gegoogelt und mit erschrecken festgestellt, dass nur ein mehr oder weniger harter Reset, mit Komplettverlust der Daten hilft. Natürlich kein Backup, oder er weiß es nicht. Sicher ist nur - ohne seine Chats und Kontakte und was sonst noch auf dem Handy ist, ist sein Leben keinen Heller und Pfennig mehr wert. Muss man nicht verstehen - kann man auch nicht wegdiskutieren - muss man akzeptieren.
Phase 1: Erst mal in die iCloud schauen, was da alles so gespeichert ist und auf Entwarnung hoffen. Leider 2-Faktor Authentifizierung per Push auf das gesperrte Handy. Nicht besonders hilfreich, in dieser Situation. Irgendwann dann herausgefunden, dass man in irgend einem Unterpunkt die Pushnachricht auf SMS umstellen kann und messerscharf geschlossen, dass man dann ja die SIM umziehen kann, um den Code zu erhalten. Gesagt getan. Erste Hürde genommen, die Kontakte sind synchronisiert, Sohnemann lässt sich Übereden von dem Stuhl zu steigen, von dem er sich bei Misserfolg in die Tiefe stürzen wollte.
Phase 2: Zurücksetzen. Einmal in der iCloud angemeldet könnte man nun das Handy mit dem Finder lokalisieren und zurücksetzen. Da er sich sehr für Datenschutz interessiert, hat er die Finder Funktion allerdings deaktiviert.
Option 2: iTunes. MacBook raus, iPhone angeschlossen iTunes gestartet, komische Tastenkombinationen gedrückt, der Recovery Bildschirm erscheint, iTunes sagt, dass es nun die aktuelle Software herunterlädt. Nach 15 Minuten bootet das Phone neu - in den gesperrten Modus - nichts hat sich verändert, keine Fehlermeldung zu sehen. 3 mal wiederholt , 4 mal das selbe Ergebnis.
Die Hilfeseiten meinen zu dem Problem, dass man sicherstellen soll, die aktuelle iTunes Version zu haben. Beim Download kann man sich zwischen der Version von 2012 und 2017 entscheiden, was zum Fick soll daran aktuell sein?
Option 3: Recovery Modus oder sowas ähnliches. Letzte Option, bevor man das Teil als Deko verwenden kann. Man benötigt wieder ein aktuelles iTunes, noch kompliziertere Tastenkombinationen und einen aktiven USB Hub, den ich zuletzt vor einigen Jahren gebraucht und entsprechen lang suchen musste. Der Junge steht schon wieder auf dem Stuhl.
Diesmal wird das Handy einfach schwarz und iTunes zeigt keine Reaktion. Dafür lässt es sich nicht mehr einschalten. Meine Frau übernimmt die Krisenbetreuung unseres Sohnes. 20 Thread im Forum weiter - hier ist es - lauter - leiser - Seitentaste lange drücken und es bootet wieder - in den bekannten zustand - gesperrt!
Option 4: Apple Support. Anruf beim Kundencenter Sindelfingen, die auch gerne helfen wollen, jedoch muss man einen Termin vereinbaren, wozu man eine App verwenden sollte - wie denn ohne iPhone? Das geht auch über die Supportseite, jedoch ist die nur dafür gemacht, einen immer wieder zu einem AppleCare Abo zu führen. 300€ oder so. Ich stehe jetzt neben meinem Sohn auf dem Stuhl.
Option 5: Ich habe ja auch ein iTunes auf meinem Firmengerät. Allerdings ist das so zugenagelt, dass es sich weigert, das iPhone zu erkennen. Aber wir haben noch irgendwo einen vergammelten Windows Rechner, mit einer uralten, vergammelten iTunes Version. Siehe da. iPhone einstecken, Fingerübungen an den Tasten iTunes beginnt mit dem Download. Nach 15 Minuten - dasselbe, das iPhone bootet in den bekannten Modus. Aber die Windows Version zeigt ein kleines Symbol, wonach der Download noch aktiv ist. Auf dem Mac habe ich das nicht gesehen und den Vorgang deshalb immer unterbrochen. Ich lasse den Download zu Ende kommen und man glaubt es kaum, beim nächsten Versuch hat es geklappt.
Das Ganze hat mit 4 Stunden und 2 Jahre Lebenszeit gekostet - Danke Apple.
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